Like every city needs a distance, every sky demands a moon
Every winter needs a snowfall, every summer wants a June
Money´s just a piece of paper, gold is blinding don´t you see
Fame is just our own illusion of what life was meant to be
But I don´t need a perfect mirror, I don´t care for queens and kings
We are free and we are perfect when Lady Stardust sings

And every minute needs the hour, every day demands a night
Every giant supernova, it´s the city with your light
Moviestars and grand directors, silver screens and Mtv:s
Gods and angels all around me fills the air like little bees
I don´t need no superheroes, I don´t care for Gods with wings
I hear teardrops on the pavement when Lady Stardust sings

Lisa Miskovsky - Lady Stardust


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